Yt’z Carolina Shark Byte Sauce


This sauce is a true Western Carolina BBQ sauce. I use the word BBQ lightly as this tasty sauce can be used for anything and everything! Thicker than the Hurricane sauce this sauce will appeal to those who are used to the store bought thick BBQ sauces but looking for superior flavor. Using a select blend of spices, apple cider vinegar, ketchup, and honey, this sauce has a sweet beginning with a little kick in the end. Use this sauce as a brush on BBQ sauce, or anything that you would use ketchup on. We use it on everything you can imagine from chicken and rice, ribs, pork shoulder, to hot dogs and hamburgers off the grill, or a dipping sauce. You won’t be disappointed by the rich flavor that this sauce brings. I have a hard time keeping this sauce in the house! Since this sauce is thicker it doesn’t require shaking but, I do it just for the heck of it. While not required it should be refrigerated after opening.

Dimensions: 8x6x5 in