Yt’z Carolina Hurricane Sauce


This Award Winning Sauce is based upon and old family recipe from Cape Colony in Edenton, NC, this sauce is a select blend of spices combined with apple cider vinegar to create a true Eastern Carolina thin vinegar sauce. Used primarily on pork in the Eastern Carolina regions this sauce can be used as a mopping sauce, a marinade, a brush on BBQ sauce or as a hot sauce (I use it on my cheesy scrambled eggs). Use it on any meat, beef, chicken, seafood for a truly unique flavor that will have you longing for a visit to Eastern Carolina. One of the best qualities of this sauce is as it ages, the sauce gains more flavor as the vinegar draws the flavors of the spices out. The sauce’s ingredients settle in storage and should be shaken vigorously before serving and while not required, should be refrigerated after opening.

Dimensions: 8x6x5 in